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Happy Feet

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”

– Leonardo da Vinci


Honestly, I never gave my feet much thought throughout my adolescence and early-adulthood. They just seemed to get any job done. I never thought to “take care of my feet” or “plan their requirements”.  Sure, I enjoyed using proper shoes for the task at hand, but that was about it.

That all changed with time. More intense activities, minor injuries and less comfortable shoes together with long workdays all took their toll. A blister here, a sore there, a few hours travelling with moist feet and slowly I began to notice my once invincible extremities.

Soldiering on through four very distinct seasons in an alpine region of Europe puts our feet, socks and shoes through their paces. From flip-flops to ski-boots, we have no choice but to adapt to what the elements are throwing at us.

My first noteworthy foray into the world of functional foot protection was finding socks that would keep my feet warm in formal shoes during snowy winters. Admittedly, I am rather fussy about my gear. I  spend far too much time researching functionality, fit and price/performance. After analyzing the pros and cons of wool, I bought some finely knit black merino socks that I still wear. I guess that’s when I really started admiring the advantages of natural fibers.

I heard of mohair as a child. It was mostly my mother mentioning some uber-expensive sweater or poncho which sounded like some unattainable object of desire. At the time, it sounded like another variant of some itchy snobby piece of fashion clothing.

Fast forward a few decades and things have changed considerably. Recently, I have had the opportunity to test mohair wool blends in various applications. Having been convinced on merino wool, it was easy giving mohair a chance.

My first stress test was wearing a pair of mohair socks for five days straight! Honestly, there was no real need to wash them, but I just couldn’t convince myself that what I was doing was OK. There was no stench and my feet felt airy and comfy as never before. The following week I put on the same pair of mohair socks (freshly washed) and went on an all-day ski tour where my feet were locked in ski-touring boots for about six hours. I usually change my socks upon arrival to the car or hut, but this time there was no need.

They say seeing is believing, but here feeling is believing!