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Best Golf Socks


You seldom hear of golfers who are not searching the next and greatest gear in pursuit of playing better golf.  Yet the only gear that golfers cannot afford not to have is mohair socks.  Good golfers probably walk about 7 km in a day of 18 holes, whereas some of us playing from rough to rough could easily be walking 10 km.  Foot comfort is one of the most important needs of a round of golf, yet most don’t understand what level of foot comfort is possible with our mohair socks.


A bad day on the golf course is better than a good day in the office.  But a good day on the golf course is what drives us to keep spending money on gear in the hope that we can drive further and straighter, hit greens in regulation and sink every put within 12 foot.  Yet the most important part of our gear is often forgotten, IDEAL GOLF SOCKS.  Those who do consider the importance of foot comfort mostly think of their shoes only, whereas foot comfort is measurable only in mohair golf socks.


Most golfers off the tee drive for show, subconsciously defined as distance.  The reality is that any position on the fairway is often better than yards further in the rough.  Just to clarify, on the fairway past the front tee if you are off the back.  I was careful not to reference the ladies tee, although most golfers have a great sense of humour.  One thing common across all golf shots is keeping your feet steady, reason for the importance of dry and slip free feet in shoes.  The natural wick-ability of mohair golf socks will keep your feet more dry than any other socks.  Performance naturally. 


“Putting for doe” puts in perspective the importance of putting to your scorecard.  The features and benefits of mohair golf socks will get you to the putting green feeling fresh because of dry feet, blister free feet and foot comfort not possible in any other golf socks.  The only necessary feature not found in mohair golf socks for that perfect putt is anti-head movement.  Mohair golf socks are naturally antibacterial, preventing odours for up to a week of wearing without the need to wash.  You will be excused for taking your shoes off to close out the round. 


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