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CLASSIC Comfort Socks
Tania Ambridge
The best socks yet!

I have been looking for comfortable, long-lasting (in terms of reuse on a daily basis for Van Life) socks for a while now. I have finally found a great brand here. They are soft, do not keep any smells and are both warm and aerated at the same time. Simply amazing!

Best golf socks ever

Lovely, comfortable , hard wearing golf socks, Great service from Alles-mooi. Highly recommend

Give yourself a treat

These are comfortable and cheerful socks. Stop buying cheap ones, and invest in some proper comfort.

BREEZER Comfort Socks
Marianne Tideman

Ben super blij met mijn sokken! Ik kende ze al een had ze in Zuid Afrika voor mijn man gekocht, maar nooit voor mijzelf. Nu ben ik ook gelukkige bezitter van deze doen en super blij want ze zijn zo comfortabel! Ik raad ze iedereen aan!


I have not received my order yet!!!

MEDI++ Therapeutic Socks
Max Raymond-Scott
Great socks

I was very impressed with the products from Alles Mooi and will use this company in the future.

Great quality socks

Great quality socks - Durable, warm, soft and not itchy. Better then any other fabrics I've had so far, in all aspects. Service is also great. Great communication and fast shipping.

Jimmy Lynch
Great products, even better customer service!

I bought a gift pack of socks for my dad for Christmas to help with his irritable feet due to diabetes. He loves the socks, and tells me they make a real difference when he is on his feet for long periods of time.
More importantly, the customer service was some of the best I have had. When I placed the order, I was quickly contacted by David, who advised me that because of Christmas orders and COVID, there was a possibility they may not arrive in time for Christmas, and he would refund me immediately if I decided to cancel. As there was a few weeks until Christmas I decided to proceed with the order. David updated me every few days as to the whereabouts of the package, complete with screenshots of the tracking info. The socks arrived with a few days to spare and David was genuinely elated that my dad would receive his gift.
I honestly can't remember another example where I have received such thorough and considerate customer service.
Couldn't recommend the product or company any more highly. Thank you!!

perfect everyday socks

I bought the socks for my father in law as a christmas gift and he loves them (he already got one pair last year)! He's very selective with socks and searched very long for the perfect everyday socks, but this one match all of his requirements! Definitely will buy again!

perfect outdoor socks

I bought the socks for my father in law as a christmas gift and he loves them (he already got one pair last year)! As he's a huntsman he's often outside for hours and therefore needs socks that keep his feet warm and/or dry. Because of the length there are perfect to fit with his hunting boots or hiking boots as well. Definitely will buy again!

boyfriend loves it

I bought these socks for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. He wears them all the time and wants another pair. He really likes them because they are so soft and breathable.

CLASSIC Comfort Socks
Stanko Lenart
Vrhunske nogavice, ja mogoče malo predrage

Vrhunske nogavice, ja mogoče malo predrage.

Great every day wear

This model of sock is 80% natural fibre. I have cold and sweaty feet with all other socks. Love them and will recommend to anyone. They are a big size because I am 43 but no slipping.

BREEZER Comfort Socks
Morten Brodahl
Heavenly socks

These socks are hands down the most comfortable sock on the planet. My feet are very picky and demanding and the only time they are pleased is when I wear the mohair socks. I use them as often as I can and they are a joy every time. Awesome!

BREEZER Comfort Socks
Sandra Žunič

The most soft socks I have ever had! They are very warm, nevertheless breathable, ergonomic and comfortable. I highly recommend them!

VENTUS Performance Socks
Eva Bevc Žunič

The best socks that I have ever had. They warm and soft, very pleasant for walking, extremely breathable. When I wear them for sports my feet stay dry. Highly recommend!

BREEZER Comfort Socks
Tinkara Krišelj

The most comfortable socks! I wear them all the time. They keep my feet dry and warm (but not hot). Would definitely recommend 🙂

I'm never wearing any other socks in the mountains again. I tried them with a new pair of hiking shoes - zero blisters! I feel way less pressure when walking down the hill, they're just the right height and they don't slip down. Completely impressed!

I have a few pairs now and I wouldn't change them for any other socks. I use them for every occasion, whether I'm active or just chilling on a couch. The extra fabric at the back makes them great to wear in any shoes that might feel uncomfortable on the back of your foot. Amazing!

I've never had a better pair of sock for sports - they keep my feet comfortable in any shoes and prevent blisters, they're just the right height, and they don't even smell when I'm sweating.

EXECUTIVE Comfort Socks
Manuel Cascionale

At the beginning i was a bit skeptical about product VS price. Long story short, as a result of the first trial (1 pair bought for test), i bought another 5 immediately after.

Product quality:
I finally don't have anymore cold feet but most important, 0 blisters. My feet are breathing again and i don't have anymore wet feet after a long walk. I am impressed about the comfort, breathability and the ability to keep warm my feet during the coldest winter here in UK. The biggest surprise was to wear them during hot days....again, i was skeptical but the customer service advised me to try. The feet keep cool during hot weather and warm during cold weather!
Last but not least, when i have received the package.....i was impressed about the premium quality of the packaging of the socks. All info and labels carefully inside the package.

Customer Service:
I have bombarded the online shop of questions about my initial doubts and explaining what were my issue. They always replied either same day or day after! Excellent and nice people to deal with.

Tracking number provided and premium courier selected by them. Communication throughout the whole process! Great Service!

BIGGEST ADVANTAGE: you can wear for several days with no issue and no smell!!! when i travel this is a plus as i bring less socks with me.

Now I will start looking for the shorter version of the socks!!! I want them for my long walking on the mountain!

Honestly, the best socks I've ever worn. They are so comfortable and airy + I can wear them for several days and they don't smell bad at all. Also, they are just the right height to cover up the ancle which I really like.

Highly recomend them for running or doing sports in general! They really make your feet stay comfortable and dry when you sweat.

I only wear mohair socks so I decided to try this model sock on the outlet store (sale price) even though it is being discontinued. It has become one of my favorite everyday socks. Nice and thin yet both warmer and cooler than other socks. My feet are always dry and comfortable. Must be the 80% content of mohair and merino wool. How can a company get it so wrong; why discontinue a model that is simply amazing???

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