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A saviour uncovered, therapeutic socks giving back foot comfort …


Making foot comfort a reality for diabetes patients and people with poor circulation!

"Every diabetic has the RIGHT of foot comfort "

What if there was a natural fabric that loved your feet? An organic, anti-microbrial natural fibre that wicks moisture away like nothing else on the planet? A natural fabric that provides comfort, cushioning and thermo-regulation like no other?

Too many times your feet are hot or cold, wet and sweaty, or just sore. Too many times you forced to rest up because of sore feet. 

It doesn't have to be that way!

Introducing Alles-Mooi MOHAIR medical socks

Mohair is fleece of the Angora goat. Also called the noble or miracle fibre. The unique properties of mohair and bamboo combine to create the ultimate therapeutic sock.

MOHAIR - smooth, moisture management, thermally balanced, anti-fungal, graduated compression leg.

MOISTURE MANAGEMENT. Capillary nature of mohair carries moisture along the vein of the fibre and out through the pores, wicking sweat from your feet better than any other fiber. This means dry feet = love the walk more.

SMOOTH STRUCTURE. Cuticle structure of the mohair fibre gives a smooth surface which reduces chaffing. This means no blisters, no rubbing and no discomfort. Just focus on the nature, friends and on the amazing time you are having.


THERMOREGULATING properties of mohair are superior to any other sock fibre. Hot or cold, summer or winter, your feet will always be comfortable, warm and dry 


ANTIBACTERIAL and ODOR FREE. The smooth fibre structure prevents the buildup of bacteria, and together with the natural wickability, allows your foot to breathe and remain odour free for up to 7 days of wearing without washing.


ULTIMATE THERAPEUTIC SOCK. No elastic bite at the top of the sock. Natural elasticity of the mohair fibre provides graduated compression over the foot and calf. FLAT TOE SEAM ensures a chafe free toe area. 

What our customers say

"Not worn any other socks in 20 years"


Hi, I highly recommend these socks. On the advice of my GP I have worn these mohair sock for more than 20 years and don’t wear anything else on my feet. I suffer from peripheral neuropathy in my feet and oedema in my legs. these socks do not impede circulation at the cuff.

Gareth Davies

South Africa

"These are my favourite socks"


"These are my favourite socks so far. I am very particular about cold feet and these socks somehow always make it all right. Wearing them you catch yourself randomly thinking, wow this feels good. Hard to explain. Also, I do a lot of dog walking, 1h per day minumum. I have rain boots that gave me blisters each time with whatever socks I wore. I actually deliberately made a test and tried with several. Medis were 1st and only one that prevented me getting blisters, so now it’s the only sock I would even consider wearing for outdoor activities. My sock drawer has also become minimalist now, as other aspects of my life are becoming more and more. It now consists only of alles mooi models. I rather have just 5 pairs of socks which I can wear all year round with no issues whatsoever, than the cotton, cold, tearing-appart, souless, cheap stuff I had before. And last but not least…I also like the story behind the brand. It’s inspirational and worth supporting."



"Fantastic socks"


"Fantastic socks. I first discovered bamboo and mohair socks in South Africa for playing golf and didn’t think I’d find them again back in the UK. However, Alles Mooi have just the socks I need. They keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. I only use mine for playing golf but I imagine they’ll be just as good for walking or anything that keeps you on your feet for most of the day. Don’t know how they work but, believe me, they do!"



A gift from South Africa

As a South African living in Europe for more than 10 years as a leader of an international company and now entrepreneur and outdoor enthusiast, I would like to share the best products that “home” has to offer.

And we, South Africans do know quality socks and the power of nature. 55% of Mohair sold globally is produced in South Africa. Every ALLES MOOI product  is produced using old traditions, knowledge, passion, experience, supporting local communities and treading lightly on the earth. To South Africans ALLES MOOI means everything nice; to us it simply means a lot of love, from the heart and with passion. ALLES MOOI was born out of shared values, integrity, everything natural and a lot of GRIT. What you see on the label is what you get. LOVE, PASSION AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL ARE THE INGREDIENTS OF EVERY ALLES MOOI PRODUCT. 

Foot comfort for Diabetes patients

The perfect therapeutic socks

Unique combination of natural materials in a sock built for the outdoor enthusiast.

Medi ++ Mohair Socks

THERAPEUTIC SUPPORT for symptoms of diabetes, circulatory problems, foot blisters and Rynauds Syndrome.  Thermoregulation for all seasons comfort. Natural wickability keeps feet dry. Smooth fibres prevent blisters. Naturally resists odours; feet and socks stay fresh. Graduated compression leg. Flat toe seam. Anti-bacterial. 

Everyday wear by diabetics and people with poor circulation. Worn by others too for leisure, not designed for heavy walking.

COMPOSITION: 18% Mohair, 18% Merino Wool, 50% Bamboo, 14% Polyamide.  Therapeutic support naturally.

Our guarantee

If after 7 days of wearing ALLES MOOI socks, you don't absolutely love them, we will give your money back.

We know you’ll love ALLES MOOI socks as much as we do. 95 % of our buyers come back for a second, third, fourth pair. But, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied after wearing ALLES MOOI socks for 7 days, we’ll give you your money back. Send us an email at and we will give you the address where you can return them. As much as we stand behind our socks, we understand they are not for everybody.

You don't have to accept foot discomfort. You can "LOVE THE WALK" again with the comfort of MOHAIR. It's a shame to not enjoy every part of life's journey 100 %. Good luck and start living again!

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