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A hidden gem uncovered, socks that are now sweeping the world of hiking…


Say goodbye to pain and discomfort and walk for miles and miles!

"Feels like you are walking on air"

What if there was a natural fabric that loved your feet? An organic, little-known miracle natural fibre that wicks moisture away like nothing else on the planet? A stronger fabric that provides comfort, cushioning and durability like no other?

Too many times we finish hikes with feet that have been wet and sweaty for 20 miles and six hours. Too many times we hardly wait to tear the shoes and socks off our feet.

It doesn't have to be that way!

Introducing Alles-Mooi MOHAIR hiking socks

Mohair is fleece of the Angora goat. Also called the noble or miracle fibre. It is a stronger, more durable fibre than MERINO wool.

MOHAIR - smooth, long lasting, thermoregulating, antibacterial

Keeping your feet dry and blister free in all weather conditions.

MOISTURE MANAGEMENT. Capillary nature of mohair carries moisture along the vein of the fibre and out through the pores, wicking sweat from your feet better than any other fiber. This means dry feet even if you ford streams. Dry feet = enjoy your hike more.

SMOOTH STRUCTURE. Cuticle structure of the mohair fibre gives a smooth surface which reduces chaffing. This means no blisters, no rubbing and no discomfort on your hike. Just focus on the nature, friends and on the amazing time you are having.

THERMOREGULATING properties of mohair are superior to any other sock fibre. Hot or cold, summer or winter, your feet will always be comfortable, warm and dry 

ANTIBACTERIAL and ODOR FREE. The smooth fibre structure prevents the buildup of bacteria, and together with the natural wickability, allows your foot to breathe and remain odour free for up to 7 days of wearing without washing.

DURABLE. The pliable nature of mohair, rather than solid, means it can be bent and twisted without damage. This ensures your sock will last longer.

Endorsed by the legends

Andrej Štremfelj, first alpinist to be awarded with Piolet d’Or for an alpine style ascent of the South Ridge of Kangchenjunga to the South summit (8476 m) and

in 1990 together with his wife Marija, the first married couple to stand together on the summit of Everest is endorsing our socks. At Alles Mooi we are thrilled that Andrej and Marija choose our socks.  

"I had the chance to test the socks on a couple of whole day hiking tours and they worked great. The first feeling I had was that my foot will slide in the shoe but I was wrong. The socks give a good stick between foot and shoe. The foot was very stable. When I used this socks it was for the first time I didn’t feel any pressure on the toes and didn’t have any pain in it after 1500 m descent. After two days of hiking and climbing they didn’t smell. Excellent."
Andrej Štremfelj
Mountain guide and an alpinist legend

Hikers like you and me

"So comfortable and warm that it's impossible to understand"


"As an outdoor enthusiast I go out to the woods, mountains and bushes about 100 days in a year. I have used socks from all manufactures during the years. I have thought that they are good enough until now. I have to say these socks are incredible! I have used them in cold and wet conditions in Finland and Sweden. These are so comfortable and warm that it’s impossible to understand. Even after a long day these feel comfortable and dry. And top of all you can wear them many days in a row without washing. That is something what I haven’t been able to do with any other socks."

Petri Aarnio


"Comfortable and reliable"


"Comfortable and reliable even in the Austrian mountains."

Christian Hahn


"You have to try it to believe"


"You have to try to believe. The best challenge is vacation road trip when you don’t have a choice and you wear socks for long hours. Without annoying smell and sweating, the comfort lasts. Incredible."



"Comfortable and well designed"


"Very nice, comfortable and well designed socks suitable for hiking and running as well as for everyday use."

Miha Lah


"The best and most comfortable I have ever worn"


"These socks are the best and most comfortable I have ever worn. I used them for running and for walking. We need these in Denmark"

David Jensen


A gift from South Africa

As a South African living in Europe for more then 10 years as a manager of an international company and now an entrepreneur and a hiker, I would like to share the best products that “home” has to offer.

And we, South Africans do know quality socks and the power of the nature. 55% of Mohair sold globally is produced in South Africa. Every ALLES MOOI product  is produced using old traditions, knowledge, passion, experience, supporting local communities and treading lightly on the earth. To South Africans ALLES MOOI means everything nice; to us it simply means a lot of love, from the heart and with passion. ALLES MOOI was born out of shared values, integrity, everything natural and a lot of GRIT. What you see on the label is what you get. LOVE, PASSION AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL ARE THE INGREDIENTS OF EVERY ALLES MOOI PRODUCT. 

Chose your perfect hiking socks

Unique combination of natural materials in a sock built for the outdoor enthusiast.

TRACKER Mohair Socks

A firm favorite amongst  hikers. This is our most technical mid-weight hiking sock with a high finish in bamboo that can be pulled up under the knee. Pull up for additional insulation of lower leg or leave above ankle in warmer weather. Perfect for demanding walks/runs.

A truly versatile reinforced sock for all season comfort.

COMPOSITION: 36% Bamboo, 18% Mohair, 18% Merino Wool, 28% Polyamide

VENTUS Mohair Socks

Another favorite amongst  hikers. This is our most technical mid-weight hiking or general purpose sock with a standard length (crew) finish in bamboo. Perfect for demanding walks/runs or just everyday use. A truly versatile reinforced sock for all season comfort.

COMPOSITION: 36% Bamboo, 18% Mohair, 18% Merino Wool, 28% Polyamide

HELIA Mohair Socks

HELIA mohair socks are our most versatile and extremely tough ankle socks. They are built to withstand the most demanding wear and will perform exceptionally well in harsh weather.  This is the perfect general purpose heavy-duty ankle sock that is best used with low shoes or sneakers. It is frequently purchased for activities such as mountain biking, hiking, trail running, dog-walking and training, etc.

COMPOSITION: 20% Mohair, 20% Merino Wool, 22% Bamboo, 38% Polyamide 

Our guarantee

If after 7 days of wearing ALLES MOOI socks, you don't absolutely love them, we will give your money back.

We know you’ll love ALLES MOOI socks as much as we do. 95 % of our buyers come back for a second, third, fourth pair. But, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied after wearing ALLES MOOI socks for 7 days, we’ll give you your money back. Send us an email at and we will give you the address where you can return them. As much as we stand behind our socks, we understand they are not for everybody.

Please don't go hiking without the comfort of MOHAIR again. It's just a shame to not enjoy every part of the journey 100 %. Good luck and stay safe!

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