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Maketh a man in your life with your gift of mohair socks (the emperor’s new socks).  Executives choose mohair socks because they walk the talk; they blow the socks off their competition.

Gift box contents:

1 pair Executive mohair socks, color Black, size 42-47

1 pair Executive mohair socks, color Navy, size 42-47


  • KEEPS FEET DRY, FRESH AND RESISTS BLISTERS; the natural wickability of mohair quickly absorbs moisture and wicks perspiration away from the foot; the smooth cuticle structure of mohair fiber gives socks a smooth surface, reducing chafing and blisters
  • BREATHABLE, MAINTAINS OPTIMAL FOOT TEMPERATURE AND IS DURABLE; mohair is a natural insulator ensuring thermal balance in all seasons; it’s pliable nature makes it stronger than wool, elongates up to 30% and returns to maintain shape; limited tendency to shrink during washing
  • 40% Mohair, 40% Wool, 20% Polyamide
  • HIGH DRESS SOCKS, IDEAL FOR FORMAL AND EVERYDAY WEAR; the smooth fiber structure of mohair prevents the buildup of bacteria keeping socks fresh for up to 7 days of continuous wearing
  • HIGH NATURAL CONTENT, FINE-KNIT HIGH FORMAL SOCKS; 40% mohair 40% merino wool 20% polyamide. Mohair used in our socks is a natural renewable resource derived from best practice farming and best environment for Angora goats in South Africa
  • CUSTOMERS FIRST ALWAYS. We exist because of our customers, and the foot comfort measurable only in mohair socks. Contact us for any help needed and LOVE THE WALK with us.