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Heart & passion in Alles Mooi pants collection

A life lesson learnt in Slovenia was the value of good clothing.  10 years back Jeff (the American Military Attache to Slovenia) and I were picked up by a Slovene General to go climb Triglav, the highest mountain peak in Slovenia. We were told in no uncertain terms that our cotton clothing would not go.

We would not have made the summit had we not changed our pants.  Our pants were literally the difference between day and night. They say that if you have not climbed Triglav that you are not a real Slovene.

Both Jeff and I were addicted to the pants; stretchy, soft, strong, extreme lightweight, fast drying and warm. Jeff contacted me from the USA after his return; I had to post 4 pairs to him. We spoke of exporting the pants to the USA but this opportunity was lost in the fog of a corporate lifestyle.

10 years on; all that has changed is my hair is grey and the exact same pants faded, but they are still my favorite pants. My first initiative for a South African business venture was to source these very same pants. The Slovene company that produced the pants had discontinued with this fabric from Sweden because of high cost.  How wrong could the measurement of cost be?

I have worn these pants in every outdoor activity including in extreme conditions; and for comfort around the house. Proven by myself for over a decade was enough passion and grit to find the same specification of fabric and have the pants produced for Alles Mooi.

Having tracked down the fabric supplier in Sweden, and in conjunction with a non-profit organization Saving The Survivors (STS), we designed pants with more features, and now we have a new line in Alles Mooi.

A 5 Euro donation will be made to STS for every pair of pants sold.



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