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You cannot afford not to have mohair socks!

This statement by a friend prompted me to put pen to paper, “I have cheaper dress socks that are 3-4 years old which still look “quite ok, how to justify 20 Euros for a pair of mohair socks”?  The single biggest hurdle we face is educating consumers about the benefits and features of mohair socks.  Foot comfort is much more important than how the socks look after 3-4 years.How do you measure foot comfort?  Ever been on a hike in the mountains and you get blisters on your feet? Alles Mooi socks are the most blister resistant of any socks because mohair is a smooth fibre and the natural wick-ability keeps your feet dry.  When mohair socks “save your bacon” there is no doubting the value you get for 20 Euros, mohair better than merino wool.  

Ever experienced cold feet on a flight, cold feet walking between offices, or hot sweaty feet in the heat of boardroom debates. Mohair thermoregulation ensures all seasons comfort. Mohair is climate control; breathes naturally, absorbing and releasing atmospheric moisture and controlling its own ‘climate’ to ensure optimal comfort. There is meaning in these words of wisdom, “take care of your feet and take care of your head”. Productivity payback of a 20 Euros mohair sock comfort likely in the first hour of work.

Take your shoes off and put your feet up.  Ever felt reluctant because of smelly feet?  Mohair is naturally anti-bacterial which prevents odours.  Wear your socks for a week without washing and see how fresh they are every morning. Bacteria does not stick to the smooth fibres of mohair.  “Easy-care and easy-wear”, wear mohair socks every day and wash every once in a while. 

Mohair’s cellular structure allows the socks to draw moisture away from the skin. This, along with the anti-allergenic and antibacterial properties of the fibre, makes mohair popular among those with poor circulation, eczema and other skin ailments, and diabetics.  For someone with foot discomfort 20 Euros for the Medi++ mohair socks is a gift of life.