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Our policy, First Class or Scrap.

Mohair is a scarce resource. Mohair socks never become obsolete.  Mohair socks are about features and benefits before fashion.  Mohair socks are better than merino wool socks.  Mohair socks are always sold at fair margins.  So what does all of this mean?  MOHAIR SOCKS ARE NEVER DISCOUNTED!  

From time to time the factory has overruns, colours get discontinued, or we have items that might not pass our high exacting standards.  In order to dispose of such items we have created a “factory outlet” at 69 Cesta na Brdo, Ljubljana, Slovenia where such items will be offered at favourable pricing compared to original prices.  There are two important benefits in this decision. Customers get the chance to experience what mohair is all about at pricing that entices them into a first buy, and we get the opportunity to keep our inventory proper.

Discontinued items that are sold at “factory pricing” are only available on the premises.  Such items are not advertised online and will not be shipped to any customers.  Please call before coming to the premises of 69 Cesta na Brdo, Ljubljana, Slovenia to ensure someone will be there to meet you.  This premises is not a formal retail outlet with fixed times of opening / closing.

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