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Our sock design – a generic overview

Our objective is to briefly explain the generic design features that are applicable  across all of our mohair sock models. The design logic that can be easily understood.

The overriding design criteria is about striking a balance between maximising the natural fibre content of the socks and the effective placement of the different fibres in the socks in order to maximise the sock value.  So what do we mean by value?  Value is about getting the right mix between the cost of mohair socks, and the sock features and benefits.

For example, we could design socks that were 100% mohair content but no one would buy them;  they would be too expensive. Also that would compromise the features and benefits because different sock applications need different fibres in different parts of the sock.

So then why do we call our socks mohair socks if they also contain other fibres? Firstly, it is the mohair that makes the noticeable difference when compared to any other sock fibres.  Secondly, the mohair content in the foot of all our socks, where it matters most, almost always exceeds a 50% content of mohair.

The reason we maximize the mohair content in the foot area is for maximum wickability and breathability. Dry feet combined with the smooth fibres of mohair ensure maximum blister free comfort.  And the cushioning effect of mohair gives impact protection.

The fibre used in the leg of our socks is adapted based on the specific model and its application. For example, we use a super-soft bamboo in the leg of our hiking and therapeutic medical socks for maximum comfort whereas we use equal amounts of mohair and merino wool in the leg of models where maximum cushioning is required.

All sock models have low profile seams, flat toe seams, for added comfort.

Sock model specifics like an elasticised stay up band, “no pressure” feature across anterior ankle area, anatomic band for arch support, elasticised transverse arch to hug the foot, unique bamboo cushioning above the foot for added ventilation and absorption … are covered for each of the sock models in the product section of the website.

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