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Why we chose mohair socks!

Pause and Reflect.

Time to pause and reflect on why we chose mohair socks to start Alles Mooi?  Well, at that time, we considered the hedgehog principal described by Phil Collins in his book “Good to Great”.  The intersection of 3 circles.

The Best in the World.

The first circle … what could we be the best in the world at?  Not a wish, but something that we could be the best in the world at? Was this even possible with socks in a world dominated by the big brands? Nike. Adidas. YES, we could be the best in foot comfort.  Why? How? Because of the miracle fiber of mohair!

Deeply Passionate about Customers.

The second circle … what were we deeply passionate about?  The answer was Customers. Customer satisfaction is what ignites our passion.  Customer service is in our DNA. We love our mohair socks, but our customers are our real heroes.

Key Business Driver.

The third circle, what would drive our business?  The answer was the % of customers who returned to buy again.  Marketing and advertising are important, but we chose customer referrals and word of mouth as the key driver of awareness.  Slower growth, BUT customers for life.

The Flywheel Approach.

Basically it’s the flywheel approach.  We knew we had to push hard at the start. BUT we also knew that over time it would become easier to move the flywheel. That the foot comfort experience of mohair would increase the momentum of the flywheel. Foot comfort would become the unstoppable force.

Performance Naturally.

The last step in our decision to start with mohair socks was the animal and environmentally friendly nature of mohair socks; and … supporting rural communities of South Africa. 


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