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An Educational Offer, Getting to Know Mohair!

A challenge that we face is educating consumers about the benefits and features of mohair. Many may not have heard about mohair. Why would someone pay a premium for a pair of socks when they have no understanding of the qualities of mohair?  Given that more than 90% of people who buy our mohair socks […]

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Rethink the cycle of giving these holidays.

Give natural. Feel good. Nature’s fibres are luxurious, renewable and biodegradable.  Alles Mooi mohair socks described in 3 words … “COMFORT THAT LASTS”.  Our socks have a higher content of natural fibres than any other socks … more care, more wear and less impact. Mohair socks are “easy-care and easy-wear”, a gift you can wear […]

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It’s not just another brick in the wall!

Alles Mooi mohair socks are not just another sock in the wardrobe.  Mohair socks are a lifestyle.  More than 90% of first time buyers return for additional purchases.  Importantly, and the main purpose of writing this blog is to give credit to those progressive leaders who understand the importance of their authenticity to drive business […]

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You cannot afford not to have mohair socks!

This statement by a friend prompted me to put pen to paper, “I have cheaper dress socks that are 3-4 years old which still look “quite ok, how to justify 20 Euros for a pair of mohair socks”?  The single biggest hurdle we face is educating consumers about the benefits and features of mohair socks.  […]

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Unique Qualities of Mohair

Lustre … Mohair’s natural lustre gives garments a silky sheen. Lightweight … The fabric is luxuriously lightweight and renowned for its cool in summer and warm in winter versatility. Dye – Responsive … Mohair retains even the most brilliant of dye colours. Durability … Because of mohair’s pliability, mohair is rated as one of the […]

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The South African Mohair Story

Angora goats and Alles Mooi

The founding of the mohair industry in South Africa was a stroke of good fortune after the Sultan of Turkey sent twelve infertile Angora rams and one ewe to South Africa in 1838. Unknown to the Sultan , the ewe was pregnant and gave birth to a ram kid on route, establishing the Angora breeding […]

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Mohair Socks – Natural fiber made for life

Extensive research has proven the following main characteristics of mohair, which is the most versatile of natural fibers. MOISTURE MANAGEMENT Due to the capillary nature of the fiber, mohair has natural wick-ability. Mohair socks absorb moisture quickly and wick perspiration away from the foot, keeping it dry, comfortable and fresh. THERMALLY BALANCED Mohair fiber acts […]

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Passionate about Angora goats

Recently a grossly misleading report was published about the cruelty to goats which in due course will be proven to have been willfully constructed for purposeful advantage of alternate groups.   The immediate impact was significant and unfortunate but in all such instances the revelation of the truth will eventually outweigh the harm it caused.  […]

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Technical Outdoor Pants

AIRTECH is a registered trade mark for a fabric made by superfine fibers developed for active wear.  The fabric has a good wind-resistance and is water repellent and easy to care for.  The fabric is granted authorization according to Oko-Tex Standard 100. Good wind-resistance, water, soil and oil repellent. A comfortable fabric featuring excellent protection […]

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