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Get to know MOHAIR, a promotional offer to get you to try MOHAIR socks.

WOMEN’S PACK includes a pair of each of:

ALPHA Extreme, colour Charcoal. Size EU 36-41 (UK 4-7),

TRACKER, colour Olive. Size EU 36-41 (UK 4-7),

VENTUS, colour Ash Gray. Size EU 36-41 (UK 4-7),

HELIA, colour Black/Aquamarine. Size EU 36-41 (UK 4-7),

BREEZER, colour  Ivory. Size EU 36-41 (UK 4-7),

CLASSIC, colour Black, size EU 36-41 (UK 4-7).


MEN’S PACK includes a pair of each of:

ALPHA Extreme, colour Charcoal. Size EU 42-47 (UK 8-11),

TRACKER, colour Olive. Size EU 42-47 (UK 8-11),

VENTUS, colour Ash Gray. Size EU 42-47 (UK 8-11),

HELIA, colour Black/Sky Blue. Size EU 42-47 (UK 8-11),

BREEZER, colour  Ivory. Size EU 42-47 (UK 8-11),

EXECUTIVE, colour Black. Size EU 42-47 (UK 8-11)



  • KEEPS FEET DRY, FRESH AND RESISTS BLISTERS. The natural wickability of mohair quickly absorbs moisture and wicks perspiration away from the foot; the smooth cuticle structure of mohair fiber gives socks a smooth surface, reducing chafing and blisters
  • BREATHABLE, MAINTAINS OPTIMAL FOOT TEMPERATURE AND IS DURABLE; mohair is a natural insulator ensuring thermal balance in all seasons; it’s pliable nature makes it stronger than wool, elongates up to 30% and returns to maintain shape; limited tendency to shrink during washing
  • The smooth fiber structure of mohair prevents the buildup of bacteria keeping socks fresh for up to 7 days of continuous wearing
  • HIGH NATURAL CONTENT. Mohair used in our socks is a natural renewable resource derived from best practice farming and best environment for Angora goats in South Africa
  • PROVEN AND USED BY THE STREMFELJ’S.  FIRST MARRIED COUPLE TO SUMMIT EVEREST (1990). ANDREJ achieved the first ascent of EVEREST on the new route WEST RIDGE (1979). Bold first ascent alpine style of Kangchenjunga SOUTH RIDGE (1991) for which he was awarded with the first ever PIOLET ‘OR.  He was recognised with a PIOLET’ OR LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD in 2018
  • CUSTOMERS FIRST ALWAYS. We exist because of our customers, and the foot comfort measurable only in mohair socks. Contact us for any help needed and LOVE THE WALK with us.

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