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Every experience is a new validation.

Recently I found myself needing to get between 2 points (map below) without planning for that reality.  I had no car, no phone and no wallet with me.  Add to this that I was dressed in formal wear, a few hours to darkness and not knowing the walking route. Fortunately, even though I’m on the wrong side of 50, I have not just fallen off the couch. And I have developed grit.

The biggest plus in my favour was that I was wearing the executive mohair socks.  My shoes were not suited for walking any distance.  I passed a few hikers along the way and without fail they all looked at me, bewildered by my dress code.  

The executive socks are long, a feature we chose to complement the 80% natural content of the socks (40% mohair / 40% wool).  Finding the suitable paths with some “zig zag” meant my walk was close on 20 km, passing the Julian Alps (see below).  In this period I only needed once to stop and pull my socks up.

At Alles Mooi we know that mohair is the most anti-blister resistant sock because of its smooth fibres, and the natural wick-ability keeps your feet dry.  But with loose fitting shoes and thin soles there were times in that 4 hours walking that I thought blisters were inevitable. No blisters. I mean zero blisters. 

Our technical socks have been tested in the most ardent of conditions; used and endorsed by the first married couple to summit Mount Everest (Andrej and Marija Štremfelj).  Extreme hiking and mountaineering conditions require good socks and proper shoes.  Our ‘Executive Model’ of sock was not designed for extreme hiking, but my 20 km walk validated the benefits of mohair in all models of socks!  No blisters and no odour after 4 hours of walking in formal shoes.

The lessons learned.  Mohair is a miracle fibre.  A noble fibre. The features and benefits of mohair are ideally matched with the features and benefits required in a “perfect” sock. These features are consistent through every model of our mohair socks.

The only challenge to getting everyone converted to Alles Mooi socks is educating about the benefits and features of mohair. So we developed educational boards in the different languages (above) and a promotional “Discovery Pack” (below) that is available to purchase online at a 40% discount.  This pack contains a pair of each model for getting to experience mohair foot comfort.




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