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The South African Mohair Story

Angora goats and Alles Mooi

The founding of the mohair industry in South Africa was a stroke of good fortune after the Sultan of Turkey sent twelve infertile Angora rams and one ewe to South Africa in 1838. Unknown to the Sultan , the ewe was pregnant and gave birth to a ram kid on […]

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Heart & passion in Alles Mooi pants collection

A life lesson learnt in Slovenia was the value of good clothing.  10 years back Jeff (the American Military Attache to Slovenia) and I were picked up by a Slovene General to go climb Triglav, the highest mountain peak in Slovenia. We were told in no uncertain terms that our […]

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Happy Feet

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” – Leonardo da Vinci   Honestly, I never gave my feet much thought throughout my adolescence and early-adulthood. They just seemed to get any job done. I never thought to “take care of my feet” or “plan […]

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Fashion and Design

There is a rapidly growing desire among customers to “buy local”, “know your farmer”, “be eco-friendly”, “connect with nature”, “make urban/farm connection” for which fiber-producing animal agriculture is an excellent fit. There is a strong trend in fashion toward natural fibers which regrettably are not available in Europe, hence the […]

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Better than wool!

Wool is great but mohair is better. Our products are unique in that we combine the lustre, strength and durability of mohair fibers with wool to give the product better form. Surf mohair socks on the internet and you will find that mohair and synthetics (nylon) are mostly equal parts […]

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