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Our happiness lies in being true to our commitments.

OUR COMMITMENT We are committed to our slogan “EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO FOOT COMFORT”.  Just like Bill Gates was committed to the idea of putting a computer on every desk and in every home, Alles Mooi is fanatical about serving everyone with foot comfort.  The feedback we get from […]

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Outdoor Footwear Choice of Mountaineering Legends

INTRODUCING ANDREJ AND MARIJA ŠTREMFELJ. The Štremfeljs need no introduction in Slovenia, nor to mountaineering enthusiasts around the world, nevertheless we briefly list the major achievements of Andrej and Marija.  Alles Mooi are proud that they have tested, proven and converted to our mohair socks. 🇸🇮 Zakonca Štremfelj ne potrebujeta […]

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Best Golf Socks

SEARCHING GOLF GEAR? You seldom hear of golfers who are not searching the next and greatest gear in pursuit of playing better golf.  Yet the only gear that golfers cannot afford not to have is mohair socks.  Good golfers probably walk about 7 km in a day of 18 holes, […]

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Honouring Slovenia Women on International Women’s Day

CHANGING THE CYCLE OF GIVING. Women’s International Day 2020 was celebrated at Renault Revoz by gifting their ladies with a gift from nature (pink mohair socks) and donating a part of the purchase price to Europa Donna Slovenia (breast cancer awareness). Kaan Ozkan (Plant CEO),  Nevenka Zildžović  (Communications) and Simona […]

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Our policy, First Class or Scrap.

Mohair is a scarce resource. Mohair socks never become obsolete.  Mohair socks are about features and benefits before fashion.  Mohair socks are better than merino wool socks.  Mohair socks are always sold at fair margins.  So what does all of this mean?  MOHAIR SOCKS ARE NEVER DISCOUNTED!   From time to […]

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Rethink the cycle of giving these holidays.

Give natural. Feel good. Nature’s fibres are luxurious, renewable and biodegradable.  Alles Mooi mohair socks described in 3 words … “COMFORT THAT LASTS”.  Our socks have a higher content of natural fibres than any other socks … more care, more wear and less impact. Mohair socks are “easy-care and easy-wear”, […]

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It’s not just another brick in the wall!

Alles Mooi mohair socks are not just another sock in the wardrobe.  Mohair socks are a lifestyle.  More than 90% of first time buyers return for additional purchases.  Importantly, and the main purpose of writing this blog is to give credit to those progressive leaders who understand the importance of […]

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The South African Mohair Story

Angora goats and Alles Mooi

The founding of the mohair industry in South Africa was a stroke of good fortune after the Sultan of Turkey sent twelve infertile Angora rams and one ewe to South Africa in 1838. Unknown to the Sultan , the ewe was pregnant and gave birth to a ram kid on […]

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Heart & passion in Alles Mooi pants collection

A life lesson learnt in Slovenia was the value of good clothing.  10 years back Jeff (the American Military Attache to Slovenia) and I were picked up by a Slovene General to go climb Triglav, the highest mountain peak in Slovenia. We were told in no uncertain terms that our […]

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